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Southwest Conference at General Synod 29

Amos SmithGeneral Synod Highlights
By the Rev. Amos Smith, pastor at Church of the Painted Hills, Tucson

Some highlights of my days at Synod… • On Friday morning the youth at Synod heard from a Long Beach Hilton Hotel laborer named Federico Gonzales. Federico spoke eloquently ...
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Delle McCormickGeneral Synod, A Stirring Event

By Delle McCormick, pastor at Rincon UCC in Tucson (excerpt from church e-newsletter)

This year at the UCC General Synod in Long Bach, CA, I found myself wishing that every UCC church member could experience this stirring event. Rousing worship, relevant workshops, sponsored meals and business meetings resonated with themes of generosity ...
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Deborah Clugy-SotoPictoral Story of This Year's General Synod

By Deborah Clugy-Soto, pastor at Desert View UCC, El Paso

Our delegation – the dog, Sam, was the most valuable member! Tyler Connoley and I representing the SWC in the New and Renewing Church Parade.
It was an honor to be present at the LGBT rally that celebrated the UCC stance and the recent Supreme court rulings.
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Betty BergtholdRandom thoughts during my 2013 Synod experience

By Betty Bergthold, delegate from First Congregational UCC, Prescott

Ten thousand rainbow scarves
                     Nineteen firefighters died fighting the Yarnell Hill fire
Much powerful preaching
                     A blanket of grief over an otherwise vibrant community
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Washing of feetTake Action For Just Immigration Reform

By Betty Bergthold, delegate from First Congregational UCC, Prescott

On July 1, I participated in my first ever march! And what an experience it was! On a bright, sunny day in Long Beach we gathered in front of the Convention Center at 12:30 to learn some chants, sing some songs, pick up a sign and get our marching orders ...
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UCC logo
The Resolutions and What Churches Like Ours Are Being Asked to Do

By Deborah Clugy-Soto, pastor at Desert View UCC, El Paso
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More GS29 Reflections

Ed and I attended our first Synod and really enjoyed it--the intensives, learning about the resolutions and how they are accomplished, meeting people from all over the US, and exploring the vendors. My absolute favorite part was singing in the choir -- it was an AWESOME experience.
Sandy Znetko, Visitor, First Congregational in Flagstaff

This was my first time going to Synod and I went as a National Delegate for JWM. It was an exciting time and a sad time. This would be the last time we would meet as the JWM committee because of restructuring. I have made many new friends and hope in the future we can work together again. I also served on the committee for the resolution on divesting from fossil fuels. By the time we were done I knew what the purpose for divesting was and the impact that those retiring from the UCC would feel. We were overwhelmed at times but it was all worth the end product. Watching our youth perform, the praise band, the speakers, the new churches stepping forward and the workshops was incredible. So much love! This will not be my last Synod and I look forward to Cleveland in a couple of years!
Lauri Hasler, Delegate, West Church UCC in Phoenix

If you have the chance to be a Synod delegate... GRAB IT. In this post-denominational age it is fair to ask "is it all worth it?" Trust me, it is worth it. We really are part of an amazing UCC family that it is impossible to appreciate in isolation or even in print.
The Rev. Len Silvester, Delegate, Church of the Palms UCC in Sun City

My overall experience at General Synod-Long Beach was one of pure joy. I loved the Convention Center, I reconnected with friends, I sang in the choir for Sunday worship and I was thankful to be part of history where so many meaningful resolutions were passed. Finally, to witness John in his passionate work and see the joy on his face as he began his sabbatical. It was a great Synod! Alan J Mong, Visitor, Silver City UCC in Silver City

As a late substitute delegate (Lee Albertson needed to be with his ailing father), I had some catching up to do to prepare for GS29. The only other Synod I had attended was GS23, 2001 in Kansas City, MO., also as a delegate from SWC. Both were wonderful celebrations of being UCC, and learning experiences about the issues that face us as God’s servants. We celebrated where we have been, and committed ourselves to where we are called to go. We were challenged to invest and divest in ways that will reverberate throughout our church in these years to come, reminding us yet again that God Is Still Speaking, and has much more to reveal to us. We met old friends, made new ones, marched for humane immigration reform, attended a very special wedding, and soaked in the joy of being a church where there is a place for everyone at the table.
Jim Meadows, Delegate, Acting Conference Minister

Photos from General Synod
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