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Southwest Conference Policies on Boundary Training for Authorized Ministers

Boundary TrainingBoundary Training Policy for Active Clergy
All clergy with active standing are required to complete Boundary Training once every five years. Any pastor who is not active, and who has been inactive in ministry for more than five years, must complete Boundary Training before having their standing activated.

Clergy who have gone more than one year without being in compliance will be informed by the Chair of COCAM A that they have 6 months to complete the training or their standing will be terminated.

Pastors who lose their standing as a result of this policy can have their standing re-activated after successfully completing Boundary Training, and after having met with COCAM A. However, it will be a part of their permanent record that they had their standing terminated with cause, and such action will have to be reported on all successive profiles or resumes that they circulate through the Search and Call process.

Boundary Training for Retired Clergy
A requirement for maintaining authorized ordained ministerial standing in the Southwest Conference is participation in boundary training every five years. The Committee on Church and Ministry recognizes that boundary training typically focuses on active clergy so COCAM has developed a special boundary training to meet the needs of clergy in this unique stage in life. Participating in one session fulfills your boundary training requirement as long as you are retired.

Clergy will be required to take a Retirement Boundary class once within the first three (3) years of retiring. Clergy who retired before October 2011 and have taken boundary training in retirement have fulfilled this boundary training requirement. If a retired clergy becomes active in ministry and is not compliant with the current five (5) year policy, he/she must participate in Boundary Training within 12 months of becoming active.